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A multi-ethnic group of doctors and nurses are sitting together in a meeting and are going over a patients records using a digital tablet.

Hill Physicians Medical Group’s network of primary care physicians and specialists are consistently rated among the best in California.

Through an extensive network of primary care physicians, specialists, and other caregivers, Hill Physicians Medical Group is consistently rated among the best in California. Their members and the communities they serve receive the most advanced and comprehensive healthcare available in the Bay Area.

Founded in 1984, they pride themselves on their decades-long history as a top provider and national leader in managed healthcare. As the largest network of independent physicians in northern California, Hill Physicians Medical Group knows how important choice is when it comes to their patients’ medical care. With nearly 4,000 physicians and other caregivers, Hill Physicians’ members can find providers who fit their unique and specific medical needs.

Hill Physicians’ Mission

Your health and the health of the entire population Hill Physician Medical Group serves drives their passion for the work they do. Their providers keep the health of all their members in mind (and the best interest of our entire community) with every decision they make and action they take.

Hill Physicians’ mission is to ensure the health and well-being of their patients and the communities they serve. They do this by providing quality care through healthcare professionals working together within an organized system that offers:

  • Adherence to the highest medical standards
  • Personalized, timely, and effective services
  • Comprehensive coordinated care
  • Accountable structure
  • Wellness and illness prevention services
  • Affordable, efficient care and service
  • Alternative health care options

Whether you’re from San Francisco and the East Bay, Sacramento, Stockton, or anywhere in between, Hill Physicians Medical Group is dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest quality care available.

Anyone seeking excellent medical care can trust and rely on Hill Physicians Medical Group ― their current patients certainly do! The California Office of the Patient Advocate consistently rates Hill Physicians as one of 200 best medial groups in the state of California. And this high degree of patient satisfaction and improved clinical outcomes is the result of their mission and practice of managed care.

Hill Physicians Medical Group truly invested in excellent medical care, patient satisfaction, and improved clinical outcomes.

A Unique Vision for Healthcare

Hill Physicians Medical Group’s vision is to influence positive change in the future of healthcare by shaping the way medicine is practiced in order to foster healthier communities.

They believe managed care creates happier, healthier communities. Unmanaged care is reactive in nature and does not serve the best interest of patients or the community at large. Managed care is proactive medicine. The providers at Hill Physicians believe in early symptom detection, and their caregivers work closely with patients to manage symptoms with the ultimate goal of preventing serious illnesses and diseases.

When patients and their families choose Hill Physicians Medical Group, their providers strive to meet and exceed their expectations by putting their mission and vision into practice, which are both supported by Hill Physicians’ core values that drive their day-to-day actions.

Hill Physicians’ Core Values

When interacting with other caregivers, patients, or a patient’s family, Hill Physicians Medical Group focuses on their core values as a healthcare organization:

  • Superior Service
  • Integrity and Respect
  • Open Work Environment
  • Teamwork

The providers at Hill Physicians use these core values in everything they do — from ensuring patient safety and protecting patent privacy to treating complex cases and creating a healing environment.

Hill Physicians and Canopy Health

Hill Physicians Medical Group is a proud member of the Canopy Health network. With more than 4,000 providers working at 13 hospitals and dozens of care centers serving 7 counties throughout the Bay Area, Canopy Health is expansive, efficient, and accessible.

Canopy Health works to increase patient access and patient choice in the Bay Area. To learn more about the mission, vision, and values of Hill Physicians Medical Group, Canopy Health, and any of our other affiliate networks, hospitals, or care centers, please call 888-8-CANOPY today.