Information about Coronavirus: Call before seeking care for possible COVID-19 infection at your doctor’s office, urgent care center, or emergency department, to learn where to go and help the staff prepare safely for your visit. View of Canopy Health’s network of hospitals. For updated information about novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit this website from UCSF, one of Canopy Health's leading partners: UCSF cNOV website
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Attend or Sponsor a Canopy Health Event

In addition to providing quality and transparent care through an expansive network of regionally and nationally recognized physicians and hospitals, Canopy Health frequently hosts and sponsors events throughout the Bay Area. Through these events, we increase public awareness of the Canopy Health alliance, promote health and wellness, and give back to our vibrant and diverse community.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about attending one of our events or webinars.   


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