Information about Coronavirus: Call before seeking care for possible COVID-19 infection at your doctor’s office, urgent care center, or emergency department, to learn where to go and help the staff prepare safely for your visit. View of Canopy Health’s network of hospitals. For updated information about novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit this website from UCSF, one of Canopy Health's leading partners: UCSF cNOV website

Employer Resources

Have questions about Canopy Health or how to access our network? You’ll find everything you need to know about our expansive alliance here.

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Accessing Our Network

These educational assets clarify our network and our mission to help you explain the Canopy Health alliance to your existing and potential clients.

About canopy health

We’ve created an alliance of top caregivers across the Bay Area.


Alliance referral program

We simplify referrals and give members access to all Canopy Health’s providers.


Canopy health service area

Our network of doctors, hospitals, and care centers are at your service.


financial model

Canopy Health improves quality, patient satisfaction, and costs


Frequently asked questions

Get answers to some of our most common questions.


Stay connected

Find important contact information and stay connected with us.


Employee Health & Wellness

Our carrier partners provide diverse, flexible insurance products that empower our members to seek excellent care at convenient locations across eight Bay Area counties.

Health net

Learn about the Health Net SmartCare large group plans.


hn combined service area

View Canopy Health's and Health Net's combined service area.


united healthcare 

Learn about UHC's SignatureValue Advantage plans.


uhc combined service area

View Canopy Health's and United Healthcare's combined service area.


western health advantage

Learn about WHA's small and large group plans.


wha combined service area

View Canopy Health's and WHA's combined service area.