Information about Coronavirus: Call before seeking care for possible COVID-19 infection at your doctor’s office, urgent care center, or emergency department, to learn where to go and help the staff prepare safely for your visit. View of Canopy Health’s network of hospitals. For updated information about novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit this website from UCSF, one of Canopy Health's leading partners: UCSF cNOV website
Canopy Health aerial view of san francisco

Reinventing Healthcare One Patient at a Time

The Canopy Health alliance is reinventing healthcare in the Bay Area by providing easier access to refreshingly clear, human care.

Integrated Healthcare with No Surprises

Bay Area health organizations aren’t known for predictable, transparent care and coverage, but that’s about to change. We’re Canopy Health, and we are creating an integrated healthcare experience where quality care and coverage always come first. Healthcare shouldn’t be unpredictable, confusing, or a financial burden ― and with Canopy Health, it no longer is.

An Alliance of Over 4,000 Doctors Coming Together For You

The framework of our alliance is built on more than 4,000 primary care physicians, specialists, and other healthcare providers who work together to offer accessible, high-quality care with clear and competitive pricing. These providers are some of the most skilled and respected in the United States, and the numerous renowned hospitals and care centers at which they practice have long been recognized for their medical excellence, advanced technology, and compassionate care.

Together, Canopy Health’s entire network strives to deliver effective, efficient, and coordinated service, providing the best care at the right time in the right setting to benefit all our shared patients and our community.

Caregivers Championing Health

Our alliance is strong! There are more than 4,000 doctors, dozens of care centers, and numerous renowned local hospitals within the Canopy Health network, which spans seven Bay Area counties.

We've Got The Bay Area Covered

Access the Canopy Health alliance by choosing an insurance company partnered with our network. Once you’re a member of Canopy Health and you select a primary care physician from one of our medical groups, our entire network of Bay Area specialists, hospitals, and care centers are at your service—no matter where you live, work, or play.