Information about Coronavirus: Call before seeking care for possible COVID-19 infection at your doctor’s office, urgent care center, or emergency department, to learn where to go and help the staff prepare safely for your visit. View of Canopy Health’s network of hospitals. For updated information about novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit this website from UCSF, one of Canopy Health's leading partners: UCSF cNOV website
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Video Visit

If you have mild cough and/or fever but no exposure to COVID-19 or recent travel outside the US and you want medical advice or evaluation, consider a Video Visit through MyCanopyHealth. No copays will be charged for these visits through May 30.

About Canopy Health

Learn how Canopy Health is reinventing healthcare in the Bay Area.

Our Promises in Care & Coverage

Reinventing Healthcare

We're Reinventing Healthcare in The Bay Area

Healthcare doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. That’s why we’ve created an integrated healthcare experience where patients receive quality care from an alliance of top caregivers throughout the Bay Area.

Caregivers Championing Health

Our alliance is strong! There are nearly 5,000 doctors, dozens of care centers, and numerous renowned local hospitals within the Canopy Health alliance, which spans nine Bay Area counties.

We've Got The Bay Area Covered

Access the Canopy Health alliance by choosing an insurance company partnered with our network. Once you’re a member of Canopy Health and you select a primary care physician from one of our medical groups, our entire network of Bay Area specialists, hospitals, and care centers are at your service—no matter where you live, work, or play.

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